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IBM App Connect is a flexible and powerful platform that helps you automate workflows and integrate data, apps, and APIs across hybrid cloud environments.

Designed to support projects with a diverse range of complexity, IBM App Connect enables anything from simple single-step flows across cloud-based applications, to multi-step flows requiring sophisticated data transformation and mapping.

IBM Connect | Lexicon Networks

Lexicon Networks is an IBM App Connect partner, with hands-on expertise in both the initial setup and execution of the environment and the ongoing support and maintenance of projects built on the platform.

With our help, we can transform your business operations for modern needs while keeping legacy systems intact, enabling them to interact with modern digital platforms. This is the power and flexibility IBM App Connect provides, and we excel in its implementation.

Some of the most common benefits we’ve provided clients based on our services

  • We help quickly connect legacy systems to modern services to sync and share data between old and new, keeping prior systems intact.
  • We help insulate legacy systems from security or performance vulnerabilities from products and services on-the-edge.
  • We follow tried and true best practices on architecture for scalability, security, control, and ongoing manageability.

We Work with You,
not Just for You.

Our simple process to help you with your custom-tailored solution is as follows:

  • We track the complete project change request cycle in the event of requested scope modifications, with

Let’s build it together!

With Lexicon IBM App Connect services, modernize your organization, integrate your business applications, automate all your recurring tasks, eliminate manual and mundane processes, and make your business more efficient

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