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MHECi (Mental Health Evaluation Center) is a web-based platform that consolidates, logs, and reports on all facets of the post-DUI Alcohol & Drug Evaluation process. MHECi significantly reduces the time and effort required for administering agencies and behavioral health professionals to process cases.


More Cases, Less Time, Longer Days.
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Throughout most of the United States, the Alcohol & Drug Evaluation Report process is administered within each state by very few accredited agencies and clinics. If you’re one of these organizations, the manual process of administering the Mortimer-Filkins test is arduous at best, taking many hours to complete successfully. And then, upon completion, there’s the laborious transcription process for paper evaluation results, substance history, and other case details into electronic form to satisfy governmental requirements. Inefficiencies in this process greatly impact both the administering clinic and the offender, potentially resulting in further friction and process complication.

A one-of-a kind solution.

MHECi streamlines your entire caseload workflow, significantly improving efficiency and capacity for the whole team. More cases in less time means greater confidence and a better bottom line for your organization, while offering better communication and transparency to both patient and government.

Modeled after the requirements of the State of Illinois, MHECi is a first-of-its-kind tool to serve this market. And as such, it’s well positioned to become the standard platform for the administration of the post-DUI driver license restoration process throughout the United States.

MHECi offers the following benefits:

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With our unique, cost-effective MHECi solution, modernize your workflow, reduce the time it takes to process a DUI evaluation and take back control of your caseload.