MuleSoft, with its Anypoint Platform, offers a lightweight Java-based Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and integration platform that allows developers to connect diverse applications together easily and efficiently. From legacy systems to the next big thing, the Mule runtime engine fosters an API-led approach, helping orchestrate multiple systems into a single customer view.

When more is less.

Businesses with multiple products, divisions and services face untold challenges when trying to develop manageable systems and processes. In today’s high technology, competitive world, it’s not a business-sustainable option to provide customers with disjointed interfaces. And from a business perspective, the inefficiencies of non-integrated systems can lead to high labor and maintenance cost, a failure to keep pace with customers and competitors, and even internal dissatisfaction and turnover

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Out of many, one.

Lexicon Networks has a dedicated team of MuleSoft experts, ready to offer development services for enterprise level integrations. We provide cohesive initial consultation services to help you get to the root of your needs, from the initial systems review, to architectural and platform audits, to understanding any existing APIs and touchpoints across your application network.

We then focus on identifying, developing and implementing solutions that will run efficiently within your current infrastructure.

We work with you,
not just for you.

    Our simple process to help you with your custom-tailored solution is as follows:

  • We deep-dive with your technical team to understand your project’s scope and business objectives, because one size does not fit all. That includes a cohesive evaluation of your current architecture and integration practices.
  • We define a roadmap for your MuleSoft integration solution, working with your team to design an API strategy, including migration patterns and workflow structures that best fit your project, clarified in a cohesive project plan.
  • We form a custom team from our diverse bench of resources based on the skill-sets required for your project.
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Let’s build it together!

With Lexicon MuleSoft services, modernize your systems, reduce your I.T. complexity, increase your organizational responsiveness, and make your business more efficient.

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