SalEx helps enterprises manage the entire sales process from initial customer contact to closing the deal. SalEx, a CRM at heart, automates cumbersome tasks that hinder sales activity and allows executives and management to analyze and forecast the sales operation anytime, anywhere.

Less time hunting, more time selling.

Sales staff is often burdened with tedious, repetitive back-office manual work, such as data entry, searching for customer history and activity, reviewing previous interactions with other sales reps, or managing their pipeline. Add in common modern problems related to fragmented customer data, a changing customer base, and larger sales cycles, and it quickly becomes clear: the more time-consuming these tasks are, the less time the sales team spends on their core, essential task — selling.

And then consider sales executives and senior decision-makers who are always on the move. Without some accommodation made to simplify their critical, timely processes, bottlenecks quickly begin to form in the system.

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Automating a path to better customer relationships.

Sales automation software like SalEx is currently the most in-demand form of business application, and for good reason. Organizations are in dire need of systems that can improve selling speed and efficiency to keep up with the fast pace of business clients today. SalEx helps manage customer contacts, leads, sales history, and inventory positions.

It also keeps track of field call management activity including beat/route planning, and captures all sales discussions in the field or otherwise. And, importantly, SalEx allows quick communication back to the home office, in real time, to share leads and opportunity data, or to check in on inventory levels before committing sales deliveries. The end result is a more efficient, more aware sales force, which means happier customers.

SalEx offers the following features and benefits:

  • Anytime, anywhere access for sales staff and executive management, on any device, accelerating collaboration and decision-making on-the-go.
  • Real-time data from field activity, customer insights, inventory data, and active schemes and promotions.
  • Easy, common task execution such as photo uploads, signature captures, quoting, or even receiving immediate customer feedback.
  • Field sales team empowerment with access to customer orders, inventory, payment status and quick-reference product leaflets, in real time.
  • Enhanced productivity from capturing sales transactions in the field, allowing more opportunities for face-to-face customer interaction.
  • Simplified data entry and data selection, paperless and with reduced redundancy and errors.
  • Integration with back-end ERP systems
  • Safe data management with offline data syncing for all field information capture.
  • Business performance reports and analytics for boosting profitability, forecast planning and expansion.
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Maximize your Mobile Sales Force!

With SalEx, create faster, easier and more reliable connectivity between your sales, management and executive teams. Boost customer happiness, productivity, efficiency and, most importantly, sales.